Sunday, August 13, 2006


Action Update - 13th August

The Retreat - progress with the "Eyesore"
I spoke to Cllr Andrew Garner and Cllr Vic D'Albert about the progress with our "Eyesore" campaign which you can read about in the current edition of St Mary's Focus . The piece of public artwork known as "The Retreat," the supposed centre-piece of the regeneration of Prestwich Precinct, has lain derelict for the past several months since being declared unsafe. We have been actively campaigning to have something done about this, since it is currently more than just an eyesore. It's a disincentive for businesses to move into the new Radius building, and also does little to help the businesses already in the precinct. It's also right in front of the library - a facility obviously popular with children, and therefore not the ideal place for a building site. Andrew and Vic told me that they had recieved an informal verbal update from a Council officer, and that hopefully some formal update on progress would be forthcoming shortly.

Rain Pain Water Main!

I spoke to Cllr Donal O'Hanlon this afternoon about some casework that has come up regarding burst water mains in Butterstile Lane and Church Lane. We were going to head down and have a look, but sadly the heavy rain meant we've had to postpose it. Hopefully we can have a look tomorrow, assuming that the streets haven't been washed away in the meantime!


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