Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Action Update - Mini Motor Bikes

Following on from yesterday's post about Mini Motor Bikes, Sgt Campbell and I missed one another today, but did leave useful messages on answer machines!

Sgt Campbell was very quick to get back to me, and told me that he was aware of the problem of mini-motor bikes and illegal quad bikes in the area. He also said that patrols have been stepped up to combat the problem, and directed me to this article from the Manchester Evening News which shows both the potential scale of the problem, as well as the Police's successful solution against one bike in Whitefield.

I'd like to thank Sgt Campbell for his prompt repsonse, and I will try and speak to him in person tomorrow rather than via voicemail! Hopefully the problem will be addressed and the riders warned not only of the illegality of their actions, but also of the dangers.

Having said all that, the mini-motor bike from yesterday is still whizzing up and down the street past my house, now with two people on it more often than not. Where's a policeman when you need one?


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