Sunday, August 20, 2006


Action Update - Ward Meeting

This evening I met with Cllrs Donal O'Hanlon and Vic D'Albert to discuss some of the issues affecting St Mary's that you have brought to our attention in the past few weeks. As well as my mini-motor-bike crusade, some of the things we talked about included:

- Anti-social behaviour around the village
- The problems with parking near the Post Office, and the fact that the dis-used area of land between Tesco and the Post Office might be worth looking into as a potential solution
- Improvements in traffic flow through Prestwich Village after our successful campaign to sort out the traffic light sequencing and rationalise the on-street car parking
- The possibility of "cheering up" Prestwich Village, to make Bury New Road more welcoming and to alert through-traffic as to where they are passing through
- The possibility of working in conjunction with Prestwich Carnival organisers to make next year's event an even bigger success than previous years
- The setting up and continuance of a number of residents' groups in the Ward, and how we could work with them to link with the Council.

We talked about a number of other things as well. Of course, your views on those issues, and anything else you feel we might be able to help with, are always welcome here, by phone (0161 798 4996) or email (

We also started thinking about future issues of St Mary's Focus, the next edition of which should start to be distributed in the next few weeks. Focus takes quite a while to deliver, since we have to visit virtually every house in the Ward ourselves and post them by hand (we do use the Post Office for a tiny percentage of them). We are always on the look out for volunteers to help us deliver, and if you are interested, please do give me a call or fill in this form.

Donal and I, and the other Prestwich Lib Dem Councillors like Vic, are always here to help with your issues and concerns. Tonight's meeting was very useful in allowing us all to get together and discuss action. Hopefully next time we meet, some of the issues will have been postiviely resolved, and others will be there for us to tackle together with the community.


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