Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Action update - Warehouse on Warwick St

A local resident has asked me what is to become of the warehouse on Warwick St now that the fire has put it permanently out of use. And I don't know the answer.

The warehouse runs halfway down Warwick Street, which runs from Bury New ROad down to Greengate Lane off Prestwich Village. The warehouse backs onto the rear of some of the houses on Clifton Road, and it used to contain a gym amongst other things. Sadly it burned down several months ago, meaning that all but the ground floor had to be demolished. I myself was a minor victim of the fire, having to evacuate my own house and spend the night with Tamsin and my next door neighbour trying to sleep in my car!

Whilst we were only out of the house for 18 hours, the warehouse itself is still out of action, probably permanently, and I am getting questions about what is going to become of it. I will endeavour to find out. First stop Cllr O'Hanlon...


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