Thursday, August 24, 2006


Away for the weekend

I am going away for the bank holiday weekend tomorrow, so there’ll be no blogging until at least Monday night, possibly Tuesday.

I am going down to Farnborough in Hampshire, where my girlfriend Tamsin’s parents live. I will stay there on Friday night, and then head into London on Saturday where I will probably meet up with a couple of friends, and my Dad and Sister. My Sister is going off to teach English in China on Sunday, so it will be the last time I see her for six months! And it isn’t often I get to see my Dad now that he lives down South, so that will be lovely too.

On Sunday there is a wedding in Tam’s family. I am not too sure of who is getting married, but attendance is mandatory so off I shall go. It is my third wedding this month! It’s certainly the season! Anyway, the wedding is in Ware, in Hertfordshire, which has caused much confusion and hilarity when I have attempted to explain this to people. The conversation normally goes something like this:

“Where’s the wedding?”
“Yes, where?
"No, I’m, asking you. Where is the wedding?!”
“I don’t know! You tell me!”

So, where will I be? I will be in Ware!

Until Monday night. Have a good weekend.


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