Thursday, August 31, 2006


Even Government Ministers get rained on...

What with it being August and all, it rained in Manchester today. I got rained on walking to my car, and I got rained on walking from my car to the office. ANd then, no sooner had I arrived in the office, than the fire alarm went off.

Discounting the fact that a fire somehow broke out when everything for miles around was rendered non-flamable by the incessant rain, my stay in the fire assembly point (local college car park) in the rain was notable because I shared it with a government minister!

He was visiting Oldham Council, my place of work. We are often visited by Ministers. In fact, Tony Blair launched his 2005 General Election campaign from Oldham Civic Centre, and despite losing 100 seats of his majority, it doesn't seem to have put Labour off! Oldham has come a long way since the civil disturbances of 2001, and now the Borough is on the up in many ways. So much so that lots of people tak einterest in how they can learn from us at the Council, hence the visit today. Yet even the combined power of Oldham Council and a government minister couldn't stop the rain, as the Council Leader, Deputy Chief Executive and the Minister sheltered under their umbrellas.

Some light relief amidst the gloom...


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