Thursday, August 24, 2006


Getting people to work... And to work together!

I have just arrived home after a busy evening at Northern Air Hospital Radio. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a volunteer at the station, which serves North Manchester General and Hope Hospitals.

It is part of my job to interview potential new recruits, and tonight we had two come down and visit us. It is always lovely to meet new people interested in volunteering – it’s always uplifting to see so many people willing to give up their free time for a worthy cause. Tonight’s two were both younger than me, and willing to give hospital radio a go, both to entertain and cheer up the patients, and maybe learn some radio skills as well. Hopefully we can put them to work doing just that.

I am also in the process of modernizing the way the station is run so that it is more efficient and get things done speedier. My colleague Rose and I are busily attempting to draw up a constitution and a committee structure, and tonight we were putting in place some roles and responsibilities for committee members ahead of next month’s AGM. Some people are against the idea of a committee, fearing that it will all be a bit too bureaucratic, but I think that if run properly, and given enough flexibility to not be bound by red tape, it is a great opportunity. It will give the members with most to contribute the opportunity to do just that, whilst providing a solid platform for the rest to come to for support.

I hope it will all work out, but I know the risks! If only Council Committees were as universally successful as I hope my Hospital Radio committee will be!

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