Thursday, August 17, 2006


It's like 1776 all over again...

After a busy day at work, where I was sat in a variety of meetings about a partnership deal which made my head ache, I have just been down to Northern Air Hospital Radio, where I am Membership Secretary.

Our constitution is in dire need of refreshment, so I re-wrote it in about a quarter of an hour to present to the other members at our forthcoming AGM. I know it was a rush job, and I probably will re-visit it again, but I was quite proud of my feat! I felt like the Founding Fathers of the USA! Creating constitutions!

Although I didn't start it off with "All hospital radio volunteers are created equal under God" (try telling that to a Programme Controller!), it is nonetheless an important document to our little organisation, and hopefully will allow us to make streamlined, rational decisions and progress, to continue providing a service to patients at NMGH and Hope Hospital.

If only my work's partnership deal was finished so quickly...


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