Sunday, August 13, 2006


Leafletting can be a dog's life!

Today has been a busy day - not helped by some scandalous lying in this morning which saw me barely up before the crack of lunch!

At midday I met with Cllr Vic D'Albert, Cllr Andrew Garner, and local campaigner Steve Wright for some Focus leafletting in Sedgley ward. The walk was punctuated by another confrontation with a local canine resident. If dogs could vote, I don't think they'd be voting for us as they seem to delight in attempting to bark, growl and bite us out of the area!

Today's angry dog was called "Spike," and I feared forVic's life at one point when the angry barks turned to frightening growls! It was interesting that Spike's owner responded to the dog's increasingly intense noise-making by remaining rooted to the spot and shouting "Spike" at gradually increasing volume. I speculated as to what the dog would have to do before the owner actually moved to stop it, but I shudder to think!

I hurried off in the opposite direction pretending not to be scared, but thankfully found Vic safe and sound a few minutes later. In the battle of man vs beast, both sides live to fight another day. But such are the perils of putting leaflets through peoples' doors!

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