Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Running the Ward

I have just been on my first run after the Birchwood 10k on Sunday, taking the opportunity to tkae a look round the Ward on the hunt for any potential issues and trouble-spots. Tonight's route took me from my house in Clitfon Road, turning right onto Bury New Road, then right onto St Anne's Road. I ran right to the end beofre doubling back on myself and turning right up Lowther Road. From there I wen tright around the block, ending up doing a circuit of Prestwich Hills before returning onto Bury New Road and home.

I was glad to see that the re-surfacing of St Anne's Road seems to have been completed, after the inexplicable delay. I also noticed quite a number of young people hanging about in various places. Obviously I don't begrudge them their fun at all, but sometimes they can get very boisterous. In particular, the shops on St Anne's Road, the play area in St Mary's Park, and Prestwich Village Precinct around the Grapes pub seem to be problem areas. Thius last one could be very dangerous given its position on the main road.

I know that a number of local Councillors have been talking about extra youth provision so that young peopledon't have to hang around on street corners in the rain. Getting wet when it rains should be the preserve of silly runners like me! I will make sure I discuss it with them to see what progress, if any, is being made.

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