Monday, August 21, 2006


The start of a busy week

It's been the start of a busy week. As well as keeping abreast of the issues and working on the content of the next "Focus," I have verious jobs to do and things going on, which all seem to have collided in the period of the next seven days. And to top it all off, my car has chosen this week to stop working, and so has had to be driven off to the Grimshaw's Care Home by Junction 17 of the M60 for some TLC. My own preferred solution of just kicking it didn't seem to work.

Tomorrow evening I am taking a friend of mine from Sunderland to see her team play Bury FC at Gigg Lane. I used to be a regular at Gigg throughout the 90's, and it's a shame how far the team have fallen since the glory days of 1996-7 when we won what is now League 1 and spent a couple of seasons in The Championshop. It looks like it'll be touch and go whether we can remain in the league at all this year. It's vital for Bury to keep its league team, as the profile brought to the Borough by a successful football team is a great bonus. Not to mention the spirit of togetherness that can be engendered by everyone coming together to support the Shakers. So tomorrow I will be lending the team my support. And my friend will be supporting Sunderland, who have got off to an equally awful start to the season. Between us, we have played 8 games this season, and lost 8. This could well be the first game in history where both teams lose!

I will keep you posted as the week progresses!


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