Friday, August 18, 2006


Weekend Plans

My 10k road race in Birchwood is now just 40 hours away. On Sunday at 10.30 I will join 500 fellow athletes and pound the streets for an hour. Well, I say an hour, but I imagine that I will be one of the few for whom the race lasts that long. By the time I stagger home (assuming, of course, that I manage it at all!), I suspect that some of the speedier racers will be showered, changed, and half way home!

I am aiming for a time of an hour or less, but the more I think about it, the more I reckon that my mark of success will be avoiding the local paper doing a special feature on me, rather like I read after the London Marathon, when a man in a full suit of armour dragging a truck behind him crosses the line in a fortnight.

Because of my impending run, I have decided to take it easy this weekend. I had planned on a final warm-up run tonight, but I was advised that it might leave me tired for Sunday. So I have decided to give it a miss. Which does leave me a little under-prepared... But still, I have also been told to "stock up on my carbs" which is something I can easily prepare for with some glee! Hence this evening's trip to Armstrong's and tomorrow's plans for signigifcant eating!

Sadly I think that I will be running with no support on Sunday. My girlfriend is away, as are most of my friends, and my Mum is busy too! So not only do I have to run in a circle for an hour for a reason I can't quite remember, but then I have to drive home as well!

Where did it all go wrong...?

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