Sunday, August 13, 2006


Welcome to the St Mary's Diary!

Welcome to the St Mary's Diary! I'm trying to use this as a way of letting people know of the Liberal Democrat campaigns that are going on locally, and about what the party and I am up to in between editions of "St Mary's Focus."

But hopefully this will be more than that. I really want to use this diary as a way of speaking with people in St Mary's and the wider community, as well as anyone else who happens to read.

I think the internet is an amazing tool in bringing people together to talk, and I'm excited by the opportunity this diary gives me to listen to what local people (and everyone else!) might be thinking on lots of issues. So please leave any comments you might have. These can be about our campaigns, any issues we might not know about, or something that the Lib Dems nationally might be talking about.

The links on the left hand side of the page are to some other sites which you may find interesting They include "blogs" by some local Councillors, as well as links to the main Lib Dem party website.

I hope you enjoy the St Mary's Diary. If you ever want to leave a comment, please do. Or email me on


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