Wednesday, August 23, 2006


What goes down... Must come up!

My run tonight taught me a valuable lesson – that what goes down must come up! Experts on local topography (and if there are any of them amongst my readers, be assured that I am becoming one myself!) will note that Prestwich is one of the more undulating areas of Bury. Sadly, my house seems to be at the top end of the range, and so no matter which direction I run in, it always seems to begin with a descent and end with a climb.

Tonight was a particularly prime example. My first mile was extremely easy, down Bury New Road and St Anne’s Road. Cllr Donal O’Hanlon drove past me on St Anne’s Road, pulling over to offer me some kind words of encouragement (mainly friendly abuse about not delivering Focus leaflets as I ran!), and I was in fine voice to talk back. So confident was I in fact, that I was making plans in my head to go on for miles more, maybe all the way to Heaton Park, round it and back.

Sadly, I hadn’t reckoned on Prestwich’s version of Mt Everest, in the shape of Lowther Road. I have driven up this street on many occasions, and delivered leaflets to its residents too, but had yet to sample the joys of running up it.

It ruined me.

My legs are still hurting now. I managed to carry on for a mile or so afterwards, but it has done significant damage I am sure. I always thought that the gradient was fairly mild, but now I am convinced that it is an almost vertical incline.
But I won’t let it beat me! I shall take it on again I’m sure. And this time I’ll know what’s coming!

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