Sunday, September 03, 2006


The Battle of Man vs Machine (in the Bury rain)

It rained and rained and rained again today, and despite getting soaked (as well as scared – see below) whilst leafleting, there was still time for me to dry off and then get soaked again running!

My mum has recently taken up doing exercise as well, and has purchased a bicycle. She lives in Unsworth ward (Sunnybank) and has come up with a route that she cycles, taking in Sunnyank Road, Manchester Road, Moss Lane and Randale Drive. The circuit is about two and a half miles, and she does it twice. Apparently it takes her about 45 minutes, which is hardly Lance Armstrong pace (it is barely Louis Armstrong pace, sorry Mum), so I thought I could probably run it in about that time.

Always ones to face a challenge, mum and I (and Tam, my girlfriend, also on her bike) set off. I had imagined a "Rocky" style scene of me running along, accompanied by encouragement from the sides in the form of my biking accomplices. Unfortunately I hadn’t reckoned for the hills, and whilst the cycling competitors free-wheeled down Sunnybank Road at 25mph, I could only lag behind in their wake. Whilst I got close to catching them up on the flat and the uphill, unfortunately in the great battle of Man v Machine, it was Machine Wot Won It. But only just, by six minutes. I came home in 46 minutes, and Mum beat her record with an accomplished 40.

But, due to the monsoon rain we were travelling in, I don’t think the conditions were conducive to a fair fight. The ground was slick for Mum’s tyres, but my t-shirt soaked up about two gallons of rain water and weighed me down! I think I will have to have a rematch in the dry!


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