Friday, September 01, 2006


The Bin Man

Working for the Council can be quite a challenge, but at least it’s varied, and today I sampled a form of work that I hadn’t tried before, namely dressing up as a giant bin!

As you can see from the picture, a six-foot bin with limbs was available for viewing today at the Spindles Shopping Centre, Oldham. What the picture can’t tell you, but which I can now reveal, is that inside the costume was none other than me. And those shapely limbs, clad in green Lycra, are indeed mine!

Oldham Council has had a stand in the Shopping Centre all week, publicising its e-enabled services. And today we decided to have a go at letting people know about the importance of recycling, hence the ridiculous costume! I imagine I may have scared a substantial number of the population into recycling, at the very least!

It was great to meet lots of local people – even though nobody knew it was me! And, just this one, I think I might forego recycling the costume, and see it thrown into a landfill site at the first available opportunity! Lycra and I don't go very well together...

Recycling is obviously important – we don’t want to get into any more trouble using up the Earth’s finite resources than we’ve already got, not to mention what to do with the waste. But, I ask myself, is it REALLY worth dressing this badly…?

It brings a whole new meaning to “Dress Down Friday”!


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