Saturday, September 16, 2006


The Blog hits The Big Time

Having stopped for an hour at this PC to type the post below, I thought I'd take a minute to peruse the web and see if I'd missed anything. Having trawled through the usual suspects (BBC news, Bury Lib Dems, my work, Hotmail, my photo site), and drawn the predictable mental blank about where to visit next, I stumbled upon an article about the Lib Dem blog of the year.

I know that Cllr Andrew Garner nominated me, but I also know that this has only been a blog for a month, and so there was little chance of me being shortlisted.

And I wasn't.

However, a few clicked-links later, I discovered that Iain Dale, the political commentator and ace-bloggist, has done a "top 100 Lib Dem blogs," and lo-and-behold, there I am! At number 58!

So, this is the 58th best Lib Dem blog in the country! Hurrah!

I'm not quite sure how I made it to the list, but I did intend this blog to be topical, light-hearted and relevant to local people. So hopefully Mr Dale thinks that I've achieved that. And maybe next year, with 13 months of material as opposed to just 1, I may have broken into the top 57!

And well done to Cllrs Ann and Andrew Garner, who make it to numbers 47 and 94 on the list!


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