Friday, September 08, 2006


Off on my holidays!

I am going on holiday tomorrow, to California for three weeks. So there’ll be no blogging until the 1st October, unfortunately.

I have saved up lots of annual leave, and even more money, for what I hope will be a cracking holiday. We are going to visit a friend of mine who works at the University of California, Berkeley, doing something so scientific that it makes my head ache just to think about it. I haven’t seen him since he moved out there four months ago, so it will be a great reunion.

I am going with my best friend, and we are hiring a car and going for a tour of the State (with a bit of a foray into Nevada and Colorado for the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas). But assuming I don't win big on the poker tables in Vegas, I'll be back in Prestwich at the start of next month. And there may even be photos for the blog!

Despite the hiatus in blogging, Bury Liberal Democrats continue to work for you even when I’m away (believe it or not!), and you can contact any of your local Councillors by clicking here if you want to contact them by phone, or here if you want to contact them by email.

Have a good few weeks, and I will be back blogging when I get back!


Enjoy your hols, Richard! And do return to blogging when you get back. I’m sure I’m not the only Lib Dem who’s been enjoying your posts, particularly this terrifyingly / hilariously familiar one.
(You'll be back by the time you get this.) Hope you had fun, drove the Pacific Highway, visited the Wine Country, climbed the hills of The City (San Francisco) and checked out the great food in this state.
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