Saturday, September 02, 2006


A wet Saturday in my exciting (not really) life

Today was miserable, weather wise. I realise that Manchester has the rain to thank for the cotton industry, with the rivers powering the factories and all. But that was 150 years ago and since the Lib Dems are the party of the environment, I think it only fair that we move on from weather that leads to smog-chucking mills towards the type of economy that thrives on mild sunshine and refreshing breezes. And snow on Christmas morning, melted by the time I have to drive home. I would welcome any ideas…

So it rained all day, and continues to do so. Still it hasn’t stopped an action-packed Saturday, including such James Bond-style activities as SHOPPING!!! ENVELOPE-STUFFING!!! and WATCHING TV!!!!!

This morning we made our weekly pilgrimage to ASDA, where the car park had begun to resemble Lake Windermere by the time we arrived, making the task of trolley-navigation all the more difficult. Then, on my return, I headed over to Cllr Vic D’Albert’s house to join Vic and Cllr Andrew Garner for some leafleting. Given that by this time we were in the midst of a monsoon-style downpour, which would have led to each of our Focus leaflets being reduced to pulp between bag and letterbox, we decided to spend the time stuffing envelopes instead.

After an hour and a half of that, and with my hands caked in a mixture of label-glue, Focus leaflet yellow dye and my own saliva, I headed off into Manchester with Tam, where we ducked and dived between a variety of shops, getting soaked in the process. You can stick as many “continental style cafes” on Deansgate as you like, but it ain’t Rome in the rain!

We arrived home in time for the England game, watching England’s most successful manger ever continue his “100% wins, no goals conceded” record, which now stands at two matches! Apparently, Old Trafford (where the game was played) can hold more than the entire population of our opponents Andorra. So it was little surprise to see us win 5-0. Of continuing jaw-dropping shock though, is the ongoing scoring streak of Peter Crouch, our nine-foot tall striker who keeps hitting the goals despite being undeniably rubbish. The game did make me think though, how good do you have to be to play football for Andorra? Not professional standard, clearly, since none of them are, so could I play? I’m not bad in goal… Maybe I will investigate whether any of my ancestors were of Andorran descent.

Still, I can’t help but think that, despite us only playing Andorra, and despite the travesty that Phil Neville, Peter Crouch, and Stewart Downing wore the three lions with barely a question raised in anger, England are looking pretty confident. And about time too, after the horror that was the World Cup. The starting eleven probably earn the best part of £1m a week between them, so being able to string three passes together (as they can do now, but couldn’t in Germany) is the least I can expect!

Anyway, that was my day. And the night is still young… Sadly, I don’t feel quite so young, and will probably go to bed!


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