Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Action update - meeting with Cllr Donal O'Hanlon

I met with Donal at his house this evening. In attendance were the two of us, and his two cats, Eric and Ernie.

We talked about lots of things going on in the Ward at the moment. I am way off the pace at the moment after my three weeks away. But there’s lots that your local Lib Dems are currently involved in, and that we talked about tonight. Here are some of them:

- Plans for the future of “The Retreat,” the art-work/building site outside the Longfield Centre. These are now up for consultation, so contact Bury MBC for more details on how you can have more say

- Parking problems around OLOG Church and the surrounding streets, caused by Radius, M&S, Post Office parking and lots of other local attractions. We’re trying to come up with workable solutions to alleviate the problems here.

- The mysterious case of the vanishing post boxes, including my own local post box on Church Drive. We’re liasing with the Post Office at the moment about what’s going on

- The recently formed local business forum, and its plans for the future of business in Prestwich Village

- The next meeting of Prestwich Area Board, which is this Monday, and which I will give more details of at the weekend. Anyone can attend.

- Progress on some of the other issues I’ve picked up on recently, including mini motor-bikes (which seem to have disappeared from local streets after our conversations with police), and anti-social behaviour.

There was lots of other stuff we talked about as well, that you can read about in the new issue of St Mary’s Focus, which should be arriving over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, Donal had to leave after 90 minutes to go and play football. It’s one of his rare free nights. He showed me his diary which proved once again that anyone accusing all local Councillors of not putting the hours in is not in possession of the full facts! Aside from his fulltime job, Donal seems to be at one (or more) Council-related meeting or another every single night of the week, not to mention party activities like leafleting. Or visiting local residents.

Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to serve – and that will seriously threaten my blogging time!


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