Monday, October 02, 2006


Battling the heavy eye-lids

Just as Eric Morecambe played all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order, I have had just the right amount of sleep, just not necessarily when I needed it!

I am severely jet-lagged. Since arriving home at 07.00 on Saturday, I have slept for 21 hours, which is probably just about the right amount of time over two nights to sufficiently recover. Sadly, all 21 hours came between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, meaning that I haven’t had any sleep at all for 26 hours.

Add to that the fact that I had to return to work today, and operate my car on the left hand side of the road (having driven on the right for three weeks), and it is truly miraculous that I am here at all.

My day of chronic fatigue has not been aided by a number of problems:

1) My holiday photos won’t upload properly
2) I needed some information on the mortgage I’m getting for my flat (the sorry tale of which is something I will doubtless blog about at a later date), but couldn’t because I didn’t know the answer to HSBC’s questions about me, and therefore couldn’t verify my own identity.
3) Whilst I’ve been away, an impasse has developed in the office over Christmas leave, meaning that it looks as though I’ll have to go in during Christmas week
4) My internet keeps disconnecting for no apparent reason
5) My attempts to sort out the mess that is my garden / fence, and is so annoying to my neighbours, has stalled due to a mixture of landlord idleness and incessant rain.

None of these on their own are more than petty irritants. But taken together, and added to my headache-grey weariness, I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep until they’ve all miraculously gone away.

Still, I did have some successes today:

1) I cleared 285 unread emails from my work inbox, by deleting 260 of them immediately, and dealing with only those deemed so urgent that to ignore them would be a sacking offence
2) I made contact with Vic, Andrew and Donal about a resumption of leafleting and local campaigning ASAP
3) I am about to go and visit my Grandpa in his new abode, and can write about that tomorrow.

So it’s not all bad. And at least my security problems just involve a phone call to the bank – if I was a Conservative I’d be stood outside their conference just waiting for clearance!

Anyway, I am off to see my Grandpa, and then I need to get to bed...


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