Sunday, October 15, 2006


A busy weekend

It’s been a busy weekend. Yesterday I spent the day in Manchester, deciding that this weekend is as good a time as any to acquire the types of clothes likely to keep me warm in Winter. Whilst I’m not short of a t-shirt or two, when it comes to jumpers and coats I run a little short. Now though, thanks to the good people at Next (and Millets for a coat), I shan’t suffer this winter.

Tamsin and I also took in a film later on in the day. We went to see “The Departed,” which was a cracking tale, although, as Tam pointed out, almost unbelievably casual in its portrayal of people getting murdered in a variety of ways.

And today, aside from making the regular pilgrimage to my Grandpa’s bedside (he was eating more and coughing less today, which is good news), I finally got around to starting to clear the garden up. It has become so overgrown during the “is it my responsibility or isn’t it?” debate with my landlord, that we could quite easily film a Vietnam epic in it. But now, after the combined efforts of Tamsin, a Flymo, two pairs of shears, a rake and me, it’s looking slightly better. We ran out of weed-killer halfway through, but that can always be rectified. And I almost died at one point attempting to chop off a particularly tall bit of shrubbery. But hopefully it’s the first step towards making the garden presentable for the neighbours, and a bit more welcoming for me.

Of course there was some time for leafleting today as well. I joined Cllrs D’Albert, Pickstone, and Andrew Garner, as well as local campaigner Steve Wright, and we tackled Downham Crescent and the surrounding streets. The time before last I was bitten by a dog on that route and had to make an unscheduled stop at the local hospital on the way home. No such drama today, although there were so many of us out that I’m pretty sure we set a course record.

Back to work in the morning…


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