Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The future's broken, the future's Orange

Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday. It was due to Orange Broadband not working. Although Orange would contend that it wasn’t their fault. Either way, there was no internet connection, and hence no blog.

But it’s fixed now.

I have begun running again. I took three weeks off to go to the USA. This extended slightly to include two weeks after I got back too. So it’s been nearer six weeks actually. But yesterday I filled in the form for the Accrington 10k a week on Sunday, so got back into the swing of things with a gentle 5k jog around the ward. I will repeat the feat tonight.

It was disappointing to see that the garages on Arthur Street and Harold Street still haven’t been fixed. I will have to get on to that again. Cllr O’Hanlon has spoken to the Council about this, but they seem to be taking their time to do anything.

There’ll be no run tomorrow night though – certainly not until after the “Combat Climate Change” evening at Prestwich Arts College. Everyone is welcome, and it starts at 19.30.

It’s a bit brief tonight I’m afraid – I have lots to do and I have only just got in from work. But if there’s anything at all that you wish to discuss, do give me a call on 0161 798 4996, or drop me a message via this blog.


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