Monday, October 30, 2006


Humbled and hurting

Turns out I was 319th out of 393 at the Accrington 10k yesterday, and that I was four minutes slower than the fastest over-75 veteran. I’m astonished by these fantastically fit old men, who still manage to beat me over long distances despite me having 50 years on them! Well done to them all. Although next time if you’d like to run in a race that I’m NOT in, so as to save me the humiliation…

I was still suffering today. I was supposed to go to a “spinning” class after work, but my legs still feel as if they have become these achey appendages to my body, rather than the functional limbs that they once were, so I said “no.” And today I was asked whether I wanted to do a half marathon in March! I may well take up the offer, but only once I have convinced my brain that running that kind of distance in a big circle is actually a good idea!

Doubtless if I do say yes and run the half-marathon, I shall come home immediately behind the world’s fastest octogenarian!


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