Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Labour in Retreat?

Bury Council have issued a statement on “The Retreat” today, which vindicates the Liberal Democrats campaign for progress on clearing up this eyesore. We’ve been leading the fight to get this important local public space put back into use. It’s been left derelict for the best part of two years now.

The Labour Council surprised us all recently with two ideas, neither of which were particularly inspiring – namely to top the glass artwork with steel, thus making it safe enough to re-open, or two replace it with a concrete wall. Much as I enjoy the architecture of the Soviet Union, massive concrete walls aren’t my idea of a good piece of community art for Prestwich.

Now, having finally listened to local residents, a third option has been mentioned, namely a green space. This is not a definite outcome, but is certainly progress, and an acknowledgement that our argument that the local residents should decide on its future ASAP was the right way forward.

It now remains for the Council to put their words into action and finally do what we’ve been saying for months – get a move on and sort this issue out once and for all. The eyesore has to go!

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