Sunday, October 29, 2006


Leaflets and Quizzes - Sunday's not a day of rest.

After the 10k, whilst I wanted to lay down and die, there was work to be done. I joined Cllrs O'Hanlon, D'Albert and Andrew Garner, as well as Sedgley campaigner Steve Wright in a spot of leafleting this afternoon in the Kings Road / Albert Avenue area of Sedgley. I felt as if my hips were shot to pieces, and they weren't best pleased that I'd chosen giving them another workout over giving them a rest. Still, with half a dozen of us out, the leafleting took less than an hour.

This evening I was at a charity pub quiz, in aid of Francis House Children's Hospice at a bar called Glass in Fallowfield. The evening is an annual event laid on by the people behind the Manchester club night Kindergarten, several of whom are friends of mine. It wasn't a bad turn out, and hopefully the night raised lots of money.

Another annual event sitting alongside the quiz itself is my quiz team settling for the type of mediocrity that guarantees neither a top prize or the wooden spoon. And so it was tonight as well! Although rumour has it that after I left, one of my friends pilfered a pint glass with a "The Who" band motif on it. So I won't end up completely empty handed after all...


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