Saturday, October 21, 2006


Mercy Mission

The continuing drama that is my Grandpa took another turn this week, culminating in a trip to the airport which began life as a sad necessity, and ended up being a confusing but relieving waste of time.

On Tuesday night Grandpa had a very bad night, prompting the nursing staff to contact the family expressing concerns that he mightn’t survive the day. My Mum, on holiday in Sri Lanka, was informed, and decided to return home to be with him.
But it turns out that the old man is a fighter, and made what the medical staff have repeatedly called a “miraculous recovery.” So much so that when I saw him recently he looked better than before! All the while of course, my Mum was journeying a long and complicated route home (via Qatar), unaware of the change of diagnosis. Needless to say she was relieved when I told her at the airport yesterday! Although, slightly peeved at missing half her holiday!

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