Thursday, October 26, 2006


A (not really) Olympian amount of stuff on...

It’s been a very very busy week, so apologies for no entry yesterday in the blog – I enjoy keeping in touch and don’t like it when I can’t!

Apart from working long days, I have been visiting my Grandpa, who’s roller-coaster health appears to have taken another turn for the worse today. And I’m too tired of thinking about it to write about it too… I also paid a visit to Hospital Radio tonight again – it’ll be good to get back into the swing of that once the current busyness passes.

The weekend shows no prospect of a let-up in the pace. On Saturday it’s the Lib Dem North West Autumn Conference in Blackburn, followed on Sunday by the Accrington 10k. Which I should be out training for tonight. But it’s too cold. That’s hardly the Olympic spirit I know, but that’s probably why the Olympics are in the Summer!

Except for the Winter Olympics, obviously. Which makes me glad I don’t have to ski round Accrington!


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