Saturday, October 07, 2006


On the road again

Today saw me back on the leafleting trail for the first time since returning from holiday. It was great to meet up with fellow Lib Dems again, as Cllrs Vic D’Albert, Andrew Garner and I headed out with fistfuls of Focuses.

We leafleted Agecroft Rd today, and I did a bit more around my house when I got home. We were handing out the new issue of St Mary’s Focus, highlighting some of the issues I’ve been working on locally with Cllr Donal O’Hanlon, such as mini motor-bikes and the anti-social behaviour challenges we’re facing. It was also a chance for the first “Westminster View” column from Vic D’Albert, recently elected our Parliamentary Candidate.

I know we wanted a candidate with vision, and anyone who can view Westminster all the way from here in Prestwich certainly has that!

It was good to be out on the streets again delivering. It really is very useful in letting us see first-hand any issues like dog-fouling, broken street-lights, cracked pavements, inexplicable roadworks and the like. And of course we also get to meet lots of local residents to talk things through.

And, given that I haven’t been for a run since I got back from holiday, it also is a bit of long-overdue exercise!


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