Thursday, October 12, 2006


Vic's kitchen

I popped round to see Vic D’Albert before, to pick up a batch of leaflets to distribute on my day off from work tomorrow. I felt a bit guilty since I am crying off Saturday leafleting to go and buy clothes in Manchester. So I now have 100 to do tomorrow instead. Vic’s kitchen seems to be the epicentre of the Bury South Liberal Democrats. It’s nice to have a cup of tea there, even if it does come at the cost of a pile of leaflets…

Vic brought me up to speed on the events at the Prestwich Area Board on Monday night, and plans to progress Children’s Centres at two of the schools in Prestwich. One is Butterstile Primary School, where I am now a governor of course. And the other is Sedgley Park Primary, where my Mum went to school in the early 1960’s, and opposite which my grandparents have had a house since 1953.

Once again it’s great to be involved with people making improvements in the area in which I grew up, and in which my family have lived for decades. The Butterstile governors were excited about being involved in the project, and frustrated by delays in it. They’ve certainly put a lot of effort into the early stages of the process. And I’m excited too. Hopefully with the Liberal Democrat Councillors locally, and support from other community groups and schools, we can see some real opportunities for children and families in the local area.

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