Sunday, November 05, 2006


Leaflet fun and fireworks

I was out leafleting today again. A slight timing mishap on my part (they said “meet at 4,” and I turned up at 12) meant that I was doing it alone, and I took in the Butt Hill Road area. I’ll have to go out again, since I ran out half way round.

Since I was by myself, I had time to contemplate again the Paul Simon excitement of last night. The more I think about it, the more tempted I am by the prospect of the NEC in Birmingham next Saturday, where he’s playing… I may have to see if there are any Ebay bargains going!

Tonight we are welcoming over a few friends for our annual pilgrimage to Heaton Park for the bonfire and fireworks. It’s become somewhat of a tradition to have an “open house” on Guy Fawkes’ Night and get some food in for after the display. Heaton Park hasn’t let me down once yet, and we’ve been pretty much every year that I can remember, so hopefully tonight will live up to the usual standards.

If anyone reading this is going too, I hope you have fun as well!


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