Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Not feeling well!

Last night I went to see another Bury FC win, but I’m paying for it today.

The game last night was between Bury and Wrexham, and since my manager at work is a Wrexham fan, I tagged along to support my local team. It’s the second time I’ve been this season, although I used to go every home game when I was younger. These days I just don’t get the chance on Saturdays!

We won 1-0, which was excellent news, but I hadn’t been feeling well all day, and three hours in the cold did me no good at all. Hence me being able to type this over lunch. Whereas normally I would be in work, today I am sat shivering at my computer, sipping Lemsip and cursing my banging head. I’ve been sniffling all day too, and flitting between bed and my PC. This “being ill” lark is no fun at all. I wish I was at work!


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