Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Packed evenings ahead

I am out for the next couple of evenings, and my destinations could scarcely be more different.

On Thursday night I am going to the third installment of the National Training Programme for School Governors, and on Friday it's the Mayor's Ball here in Prestwich. One of the two events is black tie and involves a silver-service meal followed by frivolity into the early hours. I only hope I remember which of the two it is...

I have high hopes for the training course actually. The second session last week was very informative - all about the strategic role of school governors. There was a rant against the government's Choice agenda at one point. It wasn't from me, but it certainly got people talking aobut the merits (or otherwise) of the local High School turning into a "Sports College" over night for little apparent reason! Unfortunately we didn't have time to have a proper debate about the issue and most people seemed not to really grasp the full issue, but it was an interesting way for the conversation to go!

So we shall see how it goes. And even if it's rubbish, at least I can look ahead to the ball!


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