Monday, November 20, 2006


A poor use of time

I think I have an unhealthy relationship with food... I tend to eat lots of it when I should go running, and tonight's gluttony has I suspect set some kind of world record.

I shan't go into the details, suffice to say that it involved most of a rotisserie chicken, a can of soup and some indian deli snacks (and that was before what was in the oven came out).

How does this happen? When I came home from work I had it all figured out. Get changed, limber up, stride purposefully out of the house to run around Prestwich, and return feeling as if I had treated my body with the respect it deserves. Instead, I feel that I have treated my body like a waste disposal unit.

Indian deli snacks? Why?

I comfort myself with the thought that hauling out the bin tonight will at least burn off a calorie or two, but I would have to drag it to Liverpool and back to work off dinner. It's awful. And there really is no excuse. I have steak in the fridge, potatoes in the cupboard, and fresh vergetables too. Where is the faulty wiring in my brain that says "no, tonight I will eat fish fingers and potato waffles with my fingers..." It's a sad state of affairs.

Tomorrow is also a night of sedentary pursuits. We are off to see The History Boys at The Lowry. I might get there early and spend a few minutes running back and forth across the Manchester Ship Canal, over that bridge made famous on Russell Watson's album cover. Actually, who am I kidding? I will clearly saunter in via the sweet stand and work my way through a 250g bag of Minstrels in the first half alone.

So all this is to say that there'll be no blog tomorrow. I will be elsewhere, watching a play and eating. Assuming I can be wedged out of my chair using butter and a shoe-horn (mmm... butter...), I will return on Wednesday.


When I was a student, I used to wolf down packs of Morrisons Chicken Tikka Samosas. I blame my entire waist expansion on them. I never really needed them, and ate them cold from the packet.

Which, given that I'm now clinically obese, should be a cautionary tale for you :-)
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