Friday, November 03, 2006


Saturday is Action Day

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the annual Bury Liberal Democrats Action Day. Last year we managed to deliver 4,000 Focus leaflets to residents in one day, and this year we’re hoping to beat that record. Although sadly, nobody from the Guinness Book will be on hand to give us a certificate!

This year marks a departure from normal. After success in Prestwich in recent years (we now have 6 of the 9 Councillors, with a target of 2 more in 2007), we are now moving north, and will be leafleting in Besses ward and Radcliffe East ward for the first time tomorrow.

So frankly we have to beat 4000 leaflets, because there’s two more wards to do!

I hope the weather picks up though, because I have lost my fingerless gloves, and it’s freezing all of a sudden. Just in time for the day when we’re all out for 8 hours delivering!


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