Saturday, November 25, 2006


A successful end to the week

I returned home from London last night, but hurried out again for a quiz night I was attending (our team JUST missed out on the bronze medal position, finishing 4th. Out of 5…). My couple of days down South were interesting – again I was meeting the lawyers involved in Oldham MBC’s proposed Public/Private Partnership deal. The negotiations are complicated, to say the least, and it’s amazing how many facets of the deal need discussion – far more than I imagined there ever were in the first place!

Once again I was in a single bed in a hotel – the management must have read the blog about Birmingham last week! The room was also very much akin to sleeping inside a furnace. For some reason the “air-conditioning” only pumped out hot air. I only wish I’d had some wet clay with me, as I could’ve fired a nice dinner set overnight.

Wednesday night was a success! I was elected the Membership Secretary of Bury Liberal Democrats at their AGM, so will take my place on the new Executive Committee in the New Year. I was also elected a Federal and Regional Conference Delegate, which means that I will be allowed to vote at conference, as opposed to just attending and listening. I suggested that, given my new lofty status, I be referred to as ”Mr Secretary” at all times. My family haven’t so far been ken to take up my offer.

Hopefully the new Executive will be able to continue the progress that the 2006 batch has achieved. I hope that this time next year, we’re celebrating more Liberal Democrat Councillors in Bury, more Members in Bury, more successful fundraising events, more leafleters, and more opportunities to help local residents.

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