Thursday, December 21, 2006


Christmas hiatus

Well, today is my last day at work for the year. I shan’t be back in until January 3rd, a duration which appears on a calendar to be 13 days, but will in fact go by in precisely one blink of an eye. I speak on this matter with bitter experience.

And, for the next few days at least, I won’t be blogging either. I am going down to Farnborough in Hampshire for some festivities with Tam and her parents, and it’d just be rude to break off from them for a while to record everything.

Of course this does mean that anything amusing that happens will be magnified to outrageous proportions by the time I come to write it down here. And the hours and days of dragging tedium will be forgotten. So it’s actually all good news for you!

So I hope you all have an enjoyable and happy Christmas.

And, if there is anyone reading who celebrates the Winter Solstice, I hope you’re enjoying your day today too!


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