Monday, December 04, 2006


A couple of links

For some reason, the hyperlink function seems to have disappeared from my blog-writing page since I upgraded. So I will have to type the long addresses rather than just sticking a link behind the word "here" or whatever.

Anyway, there are some photos of Tam and me at the Civic Ball at

And also, after my Daily Express rant the other day, here is a great site to look at and see some of their ridiculous front pages from recently

If I had the time (I certainly have the inclination), I would like to find out the relationship between the amount of front pages / letters to the editor saying "How dare they ban X" (usually something British, like the stocks) compared to the front pages / letters saying "We must ban Y" (usually something "foreign", like a veil). I reckon there's about the same number.

And also the number of articles and letters raking up stories about Diana compared to the number of articles and letters begging for Diana to be left to rest in peace. Again, I predict a similar number!

I know it isn't an original thought, but it intrigues me nonetheless.


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