Thursday, December 07, 2006


The Guv'nor of the Governors

So I am now officially an alumnus of the Bury MBC Governor Training Unit, having completed the fourth and final module of the “Introduction to School Governorship” training course. Last night was about the Accountability role of the Governor – who we Governors are accountable to, and who we can hold to account as Governors. Sadly, I can't subpoena senior politicians or Royalty, but it wasn't all disappointment...

The course last night closed the circle that had begun a month ago in the first session, and has introduced us all to the other roles of school governors – our strategic role looking for the long-term success of the school, and our place as a “critical friend” to the school. My role also includes being the person to receive a Christmas Card from his school before any cards from friends. It sat forlornly alone for three days before another one arrived. A lovely, sweet thought, but it makes me look better when placed amidst ones from friends and family. For a couple of days there I looked like a school governor who dined on ready meals for one and sat alone in a dark room between meetings. Which isn't always true.

The whole training process has been very informative, and I have enjoyed the style of our highly knowledgeable and experienced tutor, David Lee. He has certainly shown me many ways of becoming a more effective governor – getting more out of it myself by being able to put much more in, and giving the school much more of a help as well. This is the end of the introduction course, but there are plenty more available, and I will look out for him.

It’s all new to me really, this Governor role. I have only been to one meeting, and I have yet to really get to grips with the school’s agenda. I have certainly yet to get to grips with any of the pupils, although I have been invited in to meet the class that I am shadowing!

When the next meeting comes though, next term, I will be much better places to be more effective. I know a lot more now, and I am ready to use that knowledge for the good of Butterstile Primary School. So thank you Mr Lee and thank you Bury Council Governor Support Unit.

I have been amazed by the Governor Support Unit and the remarkable amount of material that is available to help governors. From a well-stocked library to very helpful staff on call to help us, it really is very impressive. They are bound to be able to get me out of any governor-related muddles I find myself in as I find my feet!


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