Sunday, December 03, 2006


Just about present, then stuff about presents.

It's been a busy day today. Over lunch I popped along to an event in Prestwich bringing together activists from across the region talking about strategy successes and plans for the forthcoming election and beyond. It was nice to see some of the familiar faces from Birmingham a fortnight ago.

Despite the event being in Prestwich, I still managed to get lost. I thought it was in St Margaret's Church Hall, but I arrived to find a parishioner locking the place up and looking mystified by my request. I drove around the area like a madman, staking out the potential alternative venues (Woodthorpe pub function room / Education Centre at Heaton Park etc), but to no avail. I returned home frustrated, only to be informed a few minutes later that it was actually taking place at St Margeret's Community Centre, the next building along from my first port of call!

Anyway, after that it was fine.

Then later I braved the crowds once more to finish off the Christmas shopping in Manchester. At a conservative estimate I would say that there were at least 18 million people at the Christmas Markets in Albert Square. It was absolutely heaving. I am a big fan of the European Markets. There are lots about these days - although it does make me wonder where they find so many market traders to live in Manchester for two months. And also whether there is some kind of exchange programme whereby we send some market traders of our own over there. I don't think Bavaria would be quite as enchanted with us as we are with them. Although Bury Black Pudding may go down a treat in the Black Forest...

I bought a couple of Bonsai trees for people, and a bizarre wood creation which I won't detail in case its recipient reads this blog.

So my Christmas shopping is pretty much done now. All that remains is the big present for Tam, which I am buying off ebay, and am worried that I may forget about in the excitement of buying everything else.

And that's my Sunday.


ps - my Blog administrator informs me that this is my 100th post. In the spirit of successful Liberal Democrats everywhere, I will have a drink to that.

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