Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Poetry in Motion

It is often quite difficult to think of things to write,
To put upon my blog and keep updating every night.
But keeping all the effort up is of value you see.
I get to spread the news of liberal democracy.

Today has been a boring day and not much news occurs,
So I have lapsed into a slightly laboured form of verse.
Some out there amongst you may consider it poetic,
Frankly I am of the mind that it is quite pathetic.

But still it gives some insight into how I spend my time,
Just thinking of new sentences that really strain to rhyme.
It’s also quite important lines have fourteen syllables.
Explaining that though limits choice of rhyme-word possibles.

Sitting at my desk I ponder, is this worth the fuss?
I think the answer’s “yes” because people rely on us.
To spread the news and talk of all our big local campaigns.
It seems to work as well – we’ve made some good election gains!

It seems to me that writing on this blog will help to boost
Us locally whilst bringing Labour lies back home to roost.
Like “Education! Education!” Tony sounded cool.
It didn’t quite work out though - Labour tried to close our school!

We Lib Dems joined the protest and we fought to win the day.
And like so many other issues we stood up to say
“The future of our children and the fabric of our town,
Is up for grabs! We can’t sit by and see people let down!”

We’ve also fought for action on the sorry old “Retreat,”
Labour seemed to revel when they stalled and dragged their feet.
But now our plans are coming good, the benefits soon seen.
The concrete goes and is replaced with flowers, seats and green.

On lots of other issues we will always serve you well.
We’re open, honest, trusting and so you can always tell
Just where you stand with us because we’re always working hard,
And also I can do this mean impression of The Bard.

I’m coming to the finish now, you will be pleased to know.
One message though I have to say before I am to go:
Whenever there’s an issue and it’s causing you a fuss,
Just call your friends, the Liberal Dems, always remember us.


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