Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Training, Bleeding, and Eating

Tonight is my final session of training on the Introduction to School Governorship course. The first three modules have been very informative so hopefully the last one will continue the trend.

I received a Christmas card last night from the school at which I am a governor. I am touched by their consistent communications with me. That’s the second hand-written letter I’ve had from them in three weeks.

My Christmas card-writing began as well last night. Unfortunately it began immediately I had cut up some potatoes for my dinner. I had inflicted a painless but persistently bloody wound to my finger, and proceeded to drip blood on about half a dozen Christmas cards. So I had to stop.

The same thing happened a few months ago when I was bitten by a dog when out delivering Focus – lots of residents got blood-spattered leaflets. I only hope that nobody at the top of my Christmas Card list also received a bloodied Focus, or else they’ll begin to detect an entirely unintentional yet highly disturbing pattern.

Today has also I think marked the official beginnings of the office Christmas food-a-thon. Between now and Christmas, colleagues will bring in chocolates and food a-plenty, ensuring that I develop a Santa-esque belly in time for the festive season. It has been arriving in dribs and drabs of late, but today there was a positive flurry. We had Lindor chocolates from one person, mince pies from someone else, the French market outside resulting in croissants making an appearance. And then, oddly, a colleague’s wife made a dozen lamb biryanis. All very odd. But tasty.

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