Friday, December 15, 2006


The weekend ahead

Again I have a busy weekend planned – although, again, I imagine the reality will be different from the plans.

Tonight Tam and I are going to see The Beautiful South in concert at the MEN Arena. Last time we saw them was a couple of years back at the Apollo, so hopefully the show won’t have lost anything transferring to the soul-less cavern that is the MEN. I have my doubts though…

We are out delivering Focus for the final time this year over the weekend. So the angry dogs of Prestwich can stand down for a couple of weeks, safe in the knowledge that none of my fingers will emerge through their letterboxes for biting until the new year.

And of course we have the flat to deal with this weekend too. The estate agents are coming round to measure up and stick it on the market. I am delighted that we have taken possession of the flat, which we are desperate to sell, a week before Christmas, when nobody on planet Earth is desperate to buy…

Estate Agents are now tied for the gold medal position with conveyancing solicitors in terms of professionals to whom I have to hand over vast sums for unclear purposes. Well over a thousands quid seems a bit steep for a couple of signboards and an advert in the paper the size of my thumb. But then, I suppose, they are getting the flat off my hands, so we can be thankful for that.


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