Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Action Update - Scholes Lane / Hilton Lane junction

This evening I received a letter from a local resident concerning the junction of Hilton Lane and Scholes Lane at Bury New Road. So I gave her a call to talk it over.

It seemed mad to her (and, I must admit, it seems a little crazy to me too) that there are no crossing facilities for pedestrians there. They must take their chances with the cars when attempting to cross. This is doubly risky given that there is a big secondary school nearby, as well as a couple of primary schools. Not to mention the houses and shops needing access as well.

The lady I was speaking to suggested that perhaps we move one (or more) of the surplus sets of lights from the 500yd stretch of Prestwich Village that has half a dozen of them... Whilst I would if I could, unfortunately traffic lights can't just be uprooted and re-planted elsewhere.

But I will certainly contact the Council to see if we can investigate putting in some kind of pedestrian crossing facility at the junction. It is dangerous without one.

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