Friday, January 05, 2007


Action Update - Tulle Court rat-run proposal

I have been contacted by a number of local residents expressing their concerns regarding the proposed changes to Tulle Court in Prestwich Village. A planning application has been submitted, including changes to the road nearby.

Whilst Prestwich Liberal Democrats welcome the proposed improvements to Tulle Court itself, we echo residents’ concerns that proposals to create a link road between Church Drive and Church Lane could be hugely detrimental to the local area.

Such a link road is certain to become a rat-run, with drivers seeking to avoid the traffic problems through Prestwich Village.

Church Lane, Church Drive and the surrounding streets are currently quiet. This new rat-run will mean more pollution, more noise, and more dangerous cars for local residents.

Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for improvements to traffic flow through Prestwich Village. After the Labour Council installed half a dozen sets of traffic lights in just a few hundred yards, Liberal Democrats have succeeded in changing parking arrangements, improving signalling, and installing improved safety features to remedy the situation. The sustainable solution is more improvements like this, not sending cars racing down side-streets.

Encouraging motorists off the main road and on to residential streets means more danger for local children, and less custom for local businesses. It means more cars speeding down residential streets, and less pressure on the Labour Council to sort out the real problems on Bury New Road.

The redevelopment of Tulle Court will be a wonderful boost to the area. Let’s not ruin it by risking pedestrian lives and creating a dangerous rat-run.

I will be writing to the local newspapers about this, and campaigning to stop the development of the rat-run.


Couldn't agree more!
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