Thursday, January 25, 2007


Basketball for girls...

Yesterday’s governor’s meeting was very interesting – we were talking about the plans for the new Children’s Centre to be built at the Butterstile site, which of course means lots of issues for local people like parking and traffic congestion. And lots of issues for the school community, such as who will be in overall charge of the school site now that there’s a Children’s Centre there as well… All of these issues are being very carefully considered before the plans move further.

Tonight I am going to see some international netball. Tam is taking some of the children from her school to the MEN Arena for the Test Match against South Africa, and I am heading down to enjoy the match as well. The only thing anyone says to me when I mention England netball is “Ooh, doesn’t Tracey Neville play for them? The sister of Gary and Phil?” And of course all three Neville children are Bury born and bred. So it’s something for us all to be proud of! Even though I have a feeling she may have retired… Although I’m probably wrong.

All in all it will mark a novel end to my working week. I am taking full advantage of my work’s flexible working policies and having a flexi day on Friday. Followed by a day “working from home” on Monday. It almost makes me wish I didn’t have to deliver hundreds of Focus leaflet over the weekend.



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