Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Football, Property Hunting and, of course, Leafleting

Last night’s game was fairly entertaining. I am not a City fan, as mentioned, but it’s not very often I get to see a Premiership team, and so this was a rare treat. City won 2-1, but Sheffield Wednesday gave them a hell of a game, and their fans were in excellent voice, even though the ringleader, an exceptionally fat and topless man, was arrested and led away before my eyes just minutes into the second half.

The City of Manchester Stadium is very impressive. I have been there a couple of times before. Once for the most boring game in football history, when City drew 0-0 against Fulham a couple of years ago. And once for an Oasis concert. It looks spectacular lit up at night. A credit to Manchester.

Tonight’s leafleting bonanza focuses on Sedgley Ward, where the last of the “Happy new Year” Focuses are delivered a mere two weeks after New Year.

Prior to that, I am visiting a ludicrously over-priced house on behalf of my mother, who is trying to move house at the moment. She has succeeding in selling up, but has as yet found no replacement. So we are traipsing round a £200,000 box in Whitefield this evening.

Prior to that, I am heading to my flat to stick an enormous sign on the window to complement the estate-agent’s sign that has been placed there. Our estate agent thinks that, in order to earn the 1% commission that he will acquire when (well, “if” really) our flat is ever sold, all he needs to do is chuck a sign in the window and stick his fingers in his ears until someone knocks on the door. I prefer a more direct approach, and so will be blu-tacking a gigantic sign that reads “2 bed, 2 bath duplex £119,950” in the window. I am hoping that it will be visible from London, where flats that size cost twice that much.

And prior to that I am leaving work.

The muse still hasn’t really returned, so apologies for another pretty boring post. I don’t know where I left it (the muse), but I promise that I am searching for it, and hope to recover it soon.


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