Sunday, January 07, 2007


I actually do things other than leaflet, on occasion...

I often wonder whether anybody reads this blog other than my own family, and those with an interest in Prestwich local politics which goes beyond the healthy.

I have come to the conclusion that, probably, nobody other than the two categories mentioned actually does read it. But, in case anyone else does, and is interested in my social life, here is a link to some photos of what I did last night. It was a very good friend's birthday, and we went round to his flat for a celebratory time. There were some people there who I don't see very often, and some friends of his who I don't really know very well. One of them is a political scientist who, as part of her doctoral research, looked into why there aren't many young women involved in local politics. We had a very interesting chat, during which we gave our views on why this might be (we were both concerned that, whatever the reason, the fact remains that there aren't many interested), and at the end I tried to get her to join us and become a young woman involved in local politics.

Like so many young women to whom I suggest things at parties though, the answer was a definite "no."

Anyway, that was last night. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new week. And a new diet. I have decided that, since the Christmas period was an absolute disaster on the food-intake front, I will go for a radical two-week plan based on the "Special K" diet. This is, in essence, a bowl of Special K for breakfast, one for lunch, and a healthy and balanced tea. Since I don't like Special K (and since it costs rather a lot for what it is), I am trying the "Crunchy Nut Cornflakes" diet, which works to the same rules, just with a different cereal.

I may also sneak some fruit into there at breakfast and lunch, since I don't want to stop getting my 5-a-day. Resultantly I may have to minimize the dinner. So, on reflection, it mightn't be that similar to the Special K diet after all... My thinking is:

Breakfast: Bowl of Crunchy Nut, plus a handful of grapes (I like grapes, you see).

Lunch (if not light-headed through hunger, and if I've not given in to the cake-related tempations of work's food trolley): Bowl of Crunchy Nut, plus apple and two nectarines (I like apples and I really like nectarines).

Tea (if still alive): Maybe a bowl of soup or a sandwich, topped up with another apple and/or nectarine.

Looking at that paltry food intake, I'm not sure whether it's good for me or not... But the Special K Diet looks about the same, and you're supposed to drop a jeans size in a fortnight. We shall see. I shall keep you updated!


If it into neither category and I read that one, including the linked photos and captions - which were hilarious. Diet needs plenty more fruit and veg.
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