Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Is Manchester the best bet?

So, roll up, roll up, it's time to spend Grandpa's inheritance money on 200,000 goes on a 20p slot machine... The super casino is coming to town.

I think it's great news for Manchester, but a disaster for Blackpool. Looking at it from the ignorant by-stander's point of view (what other view point do I ever have?!), Eastlands has had, and continues to have, fantastic regeneration activities. A new stadium, the whole "Sportcity" development, new flats and the biggest ASDA the world has ever known. Blackpool has nothing of the sort. Plus, Blackpool is a "destination" in its own right, but one that has faded into obscurity. It would fit perfectly with the associated new hotel / leisure activities that a super-casino would bring. People would go to Blackpool simply for the casino, and stay around for the other new stuff, which would be great for the town. It'll bring extra money in, and allow Gypsy Petulengro and all the other fading Blackpool seafront businesses to spruce themselves up.

There are more articulate people than me who can argue Blackpool's cause. I am surprised that they didn't convince.

The casino is just an addition to Manchester. To be honest, I didn't even know we'd bid.

Still, at least it's in the North West! I'm not one of these nay-sayers worried about platoons of degenerate gamblers stealing from my house to go and stick a fiver on another desperate game of roulette. I am glad that it's here. True, there are tragically addicted people suffering from the illness of gambling addiction. But the new laws give safeguards to protect others from falling into the same cycle of problems. And they give options and help for the people already suffering. And to think that not building a big, regulated casino would somehow stop addicts from gambling is, I think, wrong. I am ten mouse-clicks away from losing a fortune everytime I log onto the internet. And who's watching over me? Nobody. At the super-casino there'll be people to help. Much of Manchester's bid (and all the others, I would think) was predicated on social responsibility, and the safeguards put in place for everyone involved. Gambling is great fun and very exciting for almost everyone who takes part. We shouldn't ban it or send it underground due to outdated restrictions.

It's the people who own that big casino at the bottom of Bury New Road near Strangeways I feel sorry for... It's only been open six months and already it's doomed! I'd stick the whole lot on a horse and have done with it...


The biggest problem for Blackpool is that even if the government does allow one or two more Super Casinos it's too close to Manchester.
However at least the City fans will be able to waste their money after watching their team lose again.
I suspect (but have no evidence for this) that a majority of gambling addicts will continue to be addicted via other means - like private poker games or sports betting (or even political betting ;) ).

I don't think that the super-casinos will really contribute that much to addiction - they'll just provide another outlet for gambling.
Thanks for your comments guys.

Ryan - I heard a story that this super casino will now give City fans the opportunity to waste their money on yet more games of chance on a Saturday afternoon, rather than just the football!

Although obviously, as a Bury fan, they could wipe the floor with us!

And Tristan, if anyone is ever addicted to political betting, then they really do have a big problem I think!

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