Saturday, January 27, 2007


Leafletting and Lottery

Today's Focus-distribution-related excitement focused on the Bland Road and Carr Avenue areas, where four of us ventured this lunchtime. No angry dogs to report, although several tricky gates, and one person who was moving things from his house to his car, and had his car radio on so loud that for a moment I thought the Radio 1 Roadshow had come to Prestwich.

After coming down from the inevitable high that is posting hundreds of leaflets through letterboxes, I went into Manchester to find another estate agent to sell my flat. And then to look at fireplaces with a friend in Levenshulme. Very domesticated all round.

The evening was spent at another friend's house, watching Wayne Rooney destry Portsmouth on BBC1. And then tonight's lottery results are perhaps the most irritating ever. We did win £10, which was marvellous, but we were just one number away from each of the other three numbers. Thus I was about as close as possible to being a multi-millionaire, yet have only a tenner to show for it...

Still, whilst I may not have the bank balance of a millionaire, I am still living the millionaire lifestyle, sat here on my own on a Saturday night typing my blog... Oh no wait, this is NOTHING like the millionaire lifestyle... All my friends are busy tonight, or away, and thus I am resigned to an early night. Such is life I suppose...


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